Who We Are?

Founded with over 20 years of commercial experience in Information Security, SYBER Services is a rapidly growing Australian company that’s building an outstanding track record of provisioning industry leading Security consulting and delivery services. Enabling Enterprise Security is at the heart of everything we do. We specialise in large transformations within complex enterprise environments where old moves to new and where legacy meets cloud.

Agility is in our DNA. We don’t have any 10 year plans, nor do we worship the ways of waterfall delivery. We’re agile in the way we go about our culture. We’d rather try something quickly to deliver incremental value, than promise the world like so many vendors do only for the customer to realise later than they lost significant time and resources for very little value.

From a business perspective that also means we’re regularly seeking feedback from customers to understand what services they want, so SYBER can pivot and deliver more meaningful value quickly.

Our guiding principles are:

– Control Compliance over Document Compliance

– Operational Control Effectiveness over Theoretical Best Practice

– Solution Pragmatism over Security Paranoia

We believe our people hold the key to the ongoing success of our customers and are the driving force behind SYBER Services.  That’s why we are very selective in hiring our team members and look exclusively for experienced security professionals with a strong “Yes…but” attitude rather than “No you can’t”. We train and develop our team members to be on the bleeding edge of security delivery, helping customers push the envelope in their industry while remaining secure. Our team is 40 strong and averages over 10 years experience predominantly in financial services, government and telecommunications sectors.

We provide security consultation, architecture, strategic advice, security engineering and penetration testing services to large enterprises & governments across Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region.

Our Vision

To be the best homegrown enabler of enterprise security across A&NZ region.

Our Mission

Providing world class information security services so our customers are confident their businesses are operating safely and without any unknown security risks.